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The HFI UX Maturity Survey 2009 Findings

HFI announces new white paper!

We are pleased to present the findings of The HFI User Experience (UX) Maturity Survey. HFI developed this survey to capture a comparative view of the maturity of usability operations around the world.

The survey was presented in three languages (English, Spanish and German) from April 1-15, 2009. With the help of over 1,100 respondents, we now have an informative snapshot of user experience operations within usability-aware organizations.

HFI's UX Maturity Survey indicates that usability has transformed from a business differentiator to a routine component of business practice. Stable, visible, internal usability and user experience groups with executive support have become significantly more prevalent since Eric Schaffer outlined the elements of a mature usability/user experience practice in his book, Institutionalization of Usability, A Step-by-Step Guide (2004).

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HFI UX Maturity Survey 2009 Findings

UXM findings

This paper presents findings from the HFI UX Maturity Survey—2009, helping usability/user experience professionals understand where they are on the path to maturity, and what to do next.

See where your organization stands. This paper includes a User Experience Maturity Checklist. This checklist evaluates your organization's usability maturity and acts as a next-step guide.

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