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Case Studies

HFI has helped hundreds of clients create usable software and Web sites through our consulting, training, products and long-term user experience support. To learn how our work can impact your organization, see how these companies have benefited from our services or contact us.

Here's what our clients are saying about HFI:

Aditya Birla Group “HFI’s user-centric design approach and team of user experience experts were key factors in creating a platform which helps "demystify" finance for users and hand-holds them through their decision-making process. The result is an interactive, seamless and intuitive platform which has dramatically increased the user satisfaction and engagement levels of users, thus leading to higher conversion.” — Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer, Financial Services

City of Los Angeles “The City of LA has re-imaged its online presence. Our new site features richer content, social media connectivity, and online 311 services. I’m proud to say that we’ve built one of the best city websites in the country. Website usability was top priority for the redesign to be a success. The greatest amount of effort and focus was placed on the design and usability testing phases of the project and HFI provided great help and guidance with that.” — Steve Reneker, ITA General Manager

Verizon “We have definitely incorporated the principles in HFI training into our operations. There is a heightened sense of satisfaction from the employees who appreciate the company’s investment in them. Moreover, they gain confidence and professionalism from having knowledge they can apply day to day, creating customer service excellence in their web projects. The awards Verizon.com received are what really came out of the HFI training program.” — Mark Studness, Executive Director E-Commerce

AAA Mid-Atlantic “HFI's PET design and usability methodologies gave us a new perspective. The difference between our approach now and the way we used to do things is like night and day.”
— Scott Gamble, e-Business Director

ARINC “Before HFI helped us redesign our intranet, ARINC's employees had trouble finding what they were looking for. People had to navigate through department sub-sites that each looked very different from one another. The results of the usability tests and card sorts have given us an intranet which is much more cohesive and user friendly. HFI also taught our Web team how to use these great new methods to create future intranet pages on our own.”
— Carol Bowman, Intranet Webmaster

Pearson Education “HFI studied the problems we faced, helped us work through those problems, came up with the right research instruments, arrived at findings, and then translated those findings into something we could actually deploy. It was more than just redesigning the site. Our whole approach and site strategy has changed. HFI's four keys – orient, enable, convert, support – really resonated with us.”
— Kevin Young, Vice President of e-Marketing

Times Internet Ltd. (India Times) “Our partnership with HFI has given us access to a vast storehouse of knowledge in the field of user design engineering. This has helped us in revisiting the brand, keeping user focus in mind, and creating a product that is not only user-friendly, but promises to set standards in the industry.”
— Dinesh Wadhawan, CEO

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