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Certified Usable Design™ (CUD)

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Once an organization has a CPU designation for its usabiltiy practice, it can then submit individual applications and products for certification. This certification assures that an approved user centered design process has been followed and that certified staff have attested that each deliverable document has been appropriately completed. The internal staff must also attest to the usability of the end design. The completed submission must prove the process


  • Enforces rigor in your design process.
  • Proves to internal sponsors, buyers, and users
    that you have exercised due diligence to ensure usability.


$3,795 USD for the evaluation of any submission of a new application or product.
Annual renewal of certification is $1,995 USD

More information on HFI's Certified Usable Designs
Information sheet
Download (60K pdf file)
Detailed description and requirements
for various levels of certification
Download (1M Word doc file)

CUD Audit Agreement
Download (60K Word doc file)

 I spent a couple of decades thinking about how we could use a usability test to certify something as usable. You can't do it. Anybody who says they can do it just doesn't understand."
Eric Schaffer
Dr. Eric Schaffer,
CEO and Founder, HFI

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