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Certified User Experience Analyst™ Certification (CXA)

While user experience specialists will always have work, usability is no longer the differentiator it once was.

The advanced Certified User Experience Analyst (CXA) Certification track trains user experience specialists in persuasion engineering, strategy, and innovation. CXA-certified practitioners can help organizations design for desired outcomes.

Certified User Experience Analyst

Coursework in the advanced CXA certification track begins with training in persuasion-based techniques for successful customer engagement.

The focus then turns to training in persuasive design architectures that give the user an engaging user experience while fulfilling corporate goals.

The Certified User Experience Analyst will then be thoroughly trained in breakthrough innovation. This requires looking beyond the needs of an individual user to the entire ecosystem. In the online environment of any enterprise, whole sets of people are interacting. By understanding this ecosystem, this culture, the CXA can develop ideas for breakthrough innovations – including new business strategies, digital strategies, and new product ideation.

Finally, learn how to institutionalize "industrial strength" user-centered design in the corporate culture.

The Process: Become HFI-Certified

CXA certification will document a UX practitioner's grasp of advanced user experience design skills beyond classic usability. The courses are:

Course 1. How to Design for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust (PET Design™) – Advanced techniques to motivate users to explore, discover, interact, and return to an organization's website

Course 2. The PET Architect – Engineering persuasion and engagement into strategies, innovations, and online applications

Course 3. How to Design for The Big – User-Centric Innovation and Strategy – Learn to contribute to your organization's strategic planning and thinking on user-centric strategies and product innovation

Course 4. How to Support Institutionalization of a Mature UX Practice – Culture change, industrial strength practices, and knowledge management

HFI's public course schedule


Please note that while anyone can take the CXA courses, you must have a CUA certification to take the CXA exam.

Several times a year, HFI will offer a two and a half hour online exam. See the online exam dates.

In India we offer a proctored exam for those wishing to be certified. For information on examinations in India, please contact training@humanfactors.com.

Register for exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, HFI-Certified User Experience Analysts receive an authenticated certification diploma. If you do not pass the exam, you can retake it within six months at no cost. For pricing of the courses and the examination, please see below.


Courses range from $1,650 to $2,075 each. There is a $250 fee to take the two and a half hour online examination once all classes are completed. If you wish to take the exam without taking the HFI courses, the fee is $850.

Certification Track Pricing

If you prepay for the complete certification track in advance (four courses plus the examination) the cost is $6,685. This track must be completed within a two-year period. This certification track fee is non-refundable, but course seats may be transferred to another person. Contact Judy at 1-641-209-6825 or judy@humanfactors.com if you would like to be on this track. For information about onsite pricing, please call 1-800-242-4480.

More about on HFI's certification program
Detailed information sheet
Download (63K pdf file)

Eric Schaffer discusses the value of the CXA certification and how it is differentiated from the CUA certification.

 Classical usability has to do with being able to do things online. Can you find information? Can you complete transactions? The CUA program was geared to that kind of performance engineering. Now the usability playing field is more level than it once was. With the CXA program we’re looking further, beyond 'can do' to 'will do'."
Eric Schaffer, CEO and Founder,
Human Factors International

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