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GUI Design

The following series of articles appeared in The X Journal (published by SIGS Publications, Inc.) between September, 1995
and December, 1996. HFI directors Eric Schaffer, Ph.D., CPE, and John Sorflaten, Ph.D., CPE, give their thoughts on GUI design
from the point of view of software ergonomics and human factors.

Issue Article Files in pdf
Sept/Oct, 1995 Managing Your Defense Against GUI's from Hell Download (53K file)
Nov/Dec, 1995 Pull Down Menus: Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Key Tips for User-Centered GUI Design
Download (88K file)
(31K file)
Jan/Feb, 1996 Icons: Much Ado about Something Download (85K file)
Mar/Apr, 1996 Beating the Rap on UI Standards Download (94K file)
May, 1996 Mousing Around: Tyrannosaurus Rodentia Plasticae Download (129K file)
Jul/Aug, 1996 Information Systems into Wisdom Systems Download (54K file)
Sep/Oct, 1996 Window Layout: Cures for Cryptovision Download (163K file)
Nov/Dec, 1996 Screen Writing: "Brevity is the Soul of Wit" Download (125K file)
Unpublished Testing: "What, Me Worry?" Download (124K file)

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