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HFI offers two powerful UX tools to assist you in your work as a UX professional:

UX Enterprise™ (UXE)

UX Enterprise is The Relational Database of UX Objects. It is a software product that allows you to design based on your organization's cloud of UX data. This is the full interlinked model of your customer ecosystems, design projects, design specifications, standards, and methods.

With an annual cost equivalent to one UX professional, teams of 5 or more should consider UX Enterprise. For teams of 10 or more UXE is an imperative.


UX Marketplace™

UX Marketplace is the one-stop shop for all the UX objects you need to get your projects started. And UX Enterprise helps you to offer your best work on UX Marketplace and earn recurring income (forever!).

Get free personal access to UX Marketplace, 5 GB free storage on UX Enterprise, author and manage your own objects, publish objects, and earn income!


UX Marketplace
UX Marketplace: A Marketplace of UX Objects

 Industrial strength tools are an essential part of a mature usability practice. An individual can create great designs without tools. But large-scale user-centricity requires methods, standards, and knowledge management. Ideally, mature operations need an enterprise UX solution like UX Enterprise."– Eric Schaffer, CEO and Founder, Human Factors International

Eric Schaffer
Eric Schaffer
CEO and Founder
Human Factors International

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