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Usability Training and Certification Overview



HFI's advanced Certified User Experience Analyst™ (CXA) certification track trains user experience specialists in persuasion engineering, strategy, and innovation.
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CXA certification track courses:

CUA program

Earn your Certified Usability Analyst™ (CUA) credential

HFI's CUA certification program is the world's leading credential for usability practitioners. 4976 individuals have become CUAs by passing our certification exam, offered several times per year. The exam requires a mastery of fundamental usability principles – it can be taken with or without completing HFI's training courses.

CUA certification track courses:

Specialty Courses

Designing the Mobile User Experience

If you’re struggling with defining a mobile strategy, this 2-day course will give you best practices and hands-on experience creating a mobile designís structure, elaborating its details, and validating its user experience in a prototype.

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How to Design Usable Physical Products, Devices, Tools, and Cockpits

The most successful devices and tools are designed with human factors in mind. If you’re designing physical interfaces and want to align human, machine, and environmental requirements then this 3-day research-based course is for you.

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Benefits of HFI training, with Mary M. Michaels
Benefits of HFI training

Learn practical skills to design the optimal user experience

Learn techniques and methods to create the best possible user experience for your websites and applications. HFI has taught user-centered design courses worldwide since 1982. Our training combines the latest usability research with real-world examples. HFI’s instructors are also active consultants on client projects, so you’ll benefit from their hands-on experience and insights.

Certification is recognized in the field

  • CUA's report: greater recognition and authority, increased career opportunities for new positions and promotions.
  • Many user experience job descriptions request the CUA designation
  • People from over 25 different countries have earned their CUA
  • CUAs improve the usability of their organizations' websites and applications

Usability professionals speak out:
Training, Certification, and Career Outcomes (pdf file)

CUA success stories

CUA of the Month – Stanley Brown

More success stories from CUAs in companies both large and small

Helped his career
Art Zippel Read how CUA certification helped Art Zippel in his career.
An "A" Student – CUA in the news
Keri Donahue

Commonwealth Financial Network's Keri Donahue was recently featured in Computerworld. Read how she took HFI's user-centered design courses, earned her Certified Usability Analyst credential, and moved from HR to Web usability.
An "A" Student

CUA co-authors book on gaming usability
Noah Schaffer

What happens when the goal of the interface is enjoyment rather than productivity or efficiency?

Find out in this book by CUA Noah Schaffer and co-editor Katherine Isbister – Game Usability: Advancing the Player Experience.

Praise for HFI's training from the Blogosphere
Rahul Mainkar

Rahul Mainkar took HFI's training courses in India and recently became a CUA.

"Attend this course, get certified... your resume will look more elegant than before. You will also discover a new way of Web site/application design and development."

Read Rahul's blog on his training experience.

Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin attended the Putting Research into Practice course in New York.

"It’s been several years since I’ve taken one on usability and what a great refresher. New research was presented and old ideas both challenged and reinforced."

HFI's 1000th CUA
Stacy Sundown-Kiene

It took only 5 years to surpass 1,000 Certified Usability Analysts (CUAs) worldwide, representing over 20 countries. First launched in April 2002, HFI's CUA program quickly grew to become the leading credential for usability practitioners.

We're proud to introduce Stacy Sundown-Kiene of MapQuest as our 1,000th CUA.

Hunkered down for the online CUA exam
Janet Varan

Janet Varan, of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, hunkers down in preparation for taking HFI's CUA exam online. She claims to have boosted her local economy with a celebratory shopping spree after successfully passing the exam.

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