This YouTube video gives 12 minutes on how to lie about being a UX practitioner in a job interview.

Screen for Counterfeit UX

Today everyone from the CEO downwards is talking about designing things to be “Customer-Centric.” And everyone is adding “User Experience Design” to their resume. But do they have “UX” skills and knowledge? Or are they counterfeit UX Practitioners?

The Tests

It is just not practical to have your scarce UX experts evaluate each candidate. So HFI provides a set of multiple choice instruments that give you insights into the candidate’s real capabilities.

  • Usability Testing
  • User Research & Modeling User Ecosystems
  • Interface Design
  • Persuasion Engineering Interface Design
  • UX Strategy
  • UX Leadership

As an option, HFI provides a design problem that is hand scored and evaluated by our experts.

Test Structure

Each test includes 25 multiple choice questions taken from a larger pool and delivered in a random order. The evaluation of the test is weighted based on the importance of each question. So, you have a rating on five relevant dimensions for each test with an adjusted score of up to 100%.

Dimensions Evaluated

The test measures the applicant’s knowledge of the UX field. A low score indicates a serious lack of familiarity with the core concepts, models, and practices required to work successfully in UX.


Upon completion of the test, you will receive a detailed report of the candidate’s results that includes benchmark reference data for scores of non-professionals, workers, and experts in the field.


Since 1981, HFI has solely focused on UX engineering consulting, training, certification, and practice building. We are by far the largest certifier of UX professionals. This set of hiring tests is an extension of our journey to ensure UX skills are disseminated and supported on an industrial scale. The tests were developed by Dr. Eric Schaffer who has over 40 years of professional experience in the UX field, supported by the HFI research team.

Reports and Dimensions Assessed

Usability Testing
  1. Test Design
  2. Test Execution
  3. Handling Challenging Situations
  4. Test Analysis
  5. Reporting
  1. Research Methods
  2. User Profiling & Segmentation
  3. Scenario Descriptions
  4. Mental Models
  5. Information Architecture
  1. Key Models
  2. Navigation
  3. Content
  4. Presentation
  5. Interaction
  1. Emotional Design
  2. Methods of Influence
  3. Methods of Psychological Pressure
  4. Assessment Methods
  5. Reporting
  1. Understanding What a UX Strategy Includes
  2. Persuasion USP & Frame
  3. Cross Channel Alignment
  4. Channel Limits
  5. How to Disseminate & Enforce a Strategy Including Governance
  1. Managing Cultural Alignment & Internal Publicity
  2. UX Organizational Structures & Staffing
  3. Infrastructure for an Effective UX Practice
  4. Knowledge Management Strategies
  5. Pitfalls of UX Operations
Dr. Eric Shaffer

Dr. Schaffer has over 40 years of UX experience and has personally hired nearly 1,000 practitioners. He is the author of “Institutionalization of UX, ” published by Addison-Wesley (2004, 2015).

Sample Test

Sample Text

Sample Test Results

Data shows average score for college students, working UX practitioners, and experts. This test lets you quickly know an applicant’s real level of qualification.

Test Random Guessing Under-graduates Working Professionals Experts
Usability Testing 20 28 59 75
User Research 20 18 54 69
Interface Design 20 27 55 77
Persuasion 20 22 52 81
Strategy 20 26 40 63
Leadership 20 26 45 69

Reports and Dimensions Assessed

UX POSITION BEING FILLED Usability Testing User Research & Modeling User Ecosystem Interface Design Persuasion Engineering UX Strategy UX Leadership
Executive UX Optional Optional Optional Optional Required Required
UX Strategist       Required Required  
UX Innovator   Required Optional Required Required  
Usability Tester Required   Optional      
UX Researcher Optional Required   Optional Optional  
UX Generalist Required Required Required Required    
User Interface Designer Optional Optional Required      
Visual Designer Optional Optional Required Optional    
Digital Marketing Practitioner     Optional Required    
Content Developer     Required Required    
UX Oriented Business Analyst   Required Required Required    

Deploy our Hiring Tests to Avoid UX Counterfeiters

Optional Hands-On Design Test

For cases where you want a solid indication of design capability we provide hands-on design problems to clients using our test program.


You agree to proctor all tests so that test questions are not copied and distributed. The test is delivered through standard browser interaction.

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Administration of the Tests

Upon completion of the test, you will receive a detailed report of the candidate’s results that includes benchmark reference data for scores of non-professionals, workers, and experts in the field.


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