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How usability analyst training benefits individuals and organizations

With the growing emphasis on usability and user experience, individuals and organizations are looking for the most relevant training that meets their specialized needs. Human Factors International is the global leader in this area, and our training provides significant benefits in a variety of ways, helping practitioners with tools and techniques they need to know now in order to be successful.

In this free white paper:

  • What does usability training include?
  • Why is this training important to individuals, as well as to organizations?
  • What are the benefits of being trained as a usability analyst?
  • How does being trained as a usability analyst help in someone’s career?
  • What can participants take back to their organizations from their learning experience in usability training courses?
  • Why should individuals and organizations be concerned about getting formal training in user-centered design?
  • Why choose HFI’s usability analyst training program?
“Being trained as a usability analyst helps you make informed design decisions regarding your user interfaces, instead of merely guessing and then producing designs based on incomplete data or incorrect assumptions.”

About the author

Mary M. Michaels is Global Director of Training Evolution, Certification, and Strategic Advisor at Human Factors International. Her expertise includes all aspects of user-interface design: stakeholder and user interviews, personas and scenarios, task analysis, information architecture, wireframes, visual design, usability testing, and institutionalization of usability.

She is skilled in strategy development and design for Web sites, intranets, and applications. Industries include: e-commerce, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, nonprofits, and telecom. Mary oversees and manages HFI’s training courses, their content, and the instructors for HFI worldwide. She also leads and performs test development and item writing for the CUA and CXA certification exams for individuals.

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